Introducing ZDocBuilder

Getting Started

ZDocBuilder Api give you capability to generate report and document using template. We split out data layer (data fetching from xml,json or pojo object) and presentation layer (report templates). its very light so no need to install MS Office or OpenOffice , LibreOffice in your server for report generation.
you can add ZDocBuilder api in your application for report and document generation. You can access ZDocBuilder Rest API from from any Platform including: Java, .Net,PHP,Ruby,Python,Javascript and more.
ZDocBuilder Api use template to generate report, templates are just regular documents, created using Microsoft Word with added placeholders for any dynamic content. you can pass data in form of XML,JSON or java object , ZDocBuilder API merges the data with your template, to produce the final document.

ZDocBuilder Templates

Templates are just regular Microsoft Word documents with text-based placeholders (markups) for any adding dynamic content and applying rules.
You can add placeholders to a template like plain text
Example:     <<documentName>>
ZDocBuilder Api replaces the markups with the data, all formatting will be retained.